Loft Doors

Our loft doors provide easy access to your barn’s upper storage areas. They also provide a great option for customization if you want to add a decorative element to the upper level of your barn. No matter what your purpose for them these doors provide easy access, ventilation and a stylish look.

Our doors can be built to suit your needs. If you want them to be set on hinges so they will open wide, we can do that. If you want to set them on tracks so they will slide, we can do that, too. They are made using 18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeters and crossbucks. They also include 14GA galvannealed steel jambs, and have a 5/8″ quality plywood core. Our windowed options are made of 3/16″ double-pane tempered glass with internal gridding. With the ease of use that these loft doors provide, you’ll find moving things in and out of your barn even more of a cinch.

A Promise For Quality

At StallWorks, our goal is quality over the long term. Therefore, our loft doors are built to provide both accessibility and safety from the elements for whatever you need to store. We construct them out of the highest quality materials so they will last you for many seasons, years and harvests. We seek to empower those who work the land so they can achieve success, and we do our part by providing well-built materials to assist in that endeavor. If you want to add a new and long-lasting set of loft doors to your barn, contact us today!

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18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeter and crossbucks

14GA galvannealed steel jamb

Heavy duty 8″ T-Hinges, D-Handle and Barrel Bolt

5/8″ quality plywood core

3/16″ double pane tempered glass with internal grid