Dutch Doors

Our dutch doors are built to last. If you want to add a new level of accessibility for both yourself and your livestock, installing dutch doors is your answer. Like bale doors, they provide ventilation and windowing abilities. They also provide direct access to the contents of your barn without having to use a main barn door. You can lead your horses or cattle out from their stalls or keep them inside with the window portion open or closed. Made of durable materials of the highest quality, our dutch doors offer protection against the elements for all of the assets within. They make your barn into more of a home for your livestock and into a better storage space for your every need.

About Our Dutch Doors

We use 18GA galvannealed steel to build our dutch doors so they will last for years and withstand all kinds of conditions. A 5/8″ plywood core with a 26GA metal liner glued up for strength ensures rigid durability. Additionally, we offer other customization options, such as size and color, to fit with whatever style of barn you possess. We can ensure that your dutch doors match the outside of your barn so as to be the perfect fit. Our goal is to help you make your barn into the space it needs to be for your storage and stabling needs. We’ve helped many people find the right dutch doors for their barns, and we can help you do the same. Contact us today!

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18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeter and crossbucks

14GA galvannealed steel jamb

Heavy duty 8″ T-Hinges, D-Handle and Barrel Bolt

5/8″ quality plywood core

3/16″ double pane tempered glass with internal grid