Barn Doors

Our barn doors are some of the most flexible, versatile options we have available. They offer the look of a dutch door while offering the functionality of an individual door. They can be solid or include windows. These doors are excellent for both interior and exterior applications, from tack and feed rooms to outside doorways. They also provide a more weather-resistant finish than dutch doors and can withstand a lot of tough use. Additionally, they are flexible in design. If you want a more classic look with a hinged opening, we can make that for you. If you want ease of access and a stylish modern feel, we can provide you with a slide opening and wear-resistant tracks.

Our barn doors are made with 18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeters and crossbucks, and they utilize 14GA galvannealed steel jambs and frames. Every other aspect of our barn door hardware can be customized, too, from the heavy duty hinges and handles to latches, rollers and door stops. The interior consists of a 5/8″ quality plywood core, and we use 3/16″ double pane tempered glass with internal grinding for the optional windows.

Barn Doors That Last

If you want a set of barn doors that will endure over a long period of time, ours are designed to do just that. They will provide the utmost convenience while also displaying quality of build, protection and reliability. At StallWorks, our priority is providing you with the solutions you need to customize your barn and keep your farm property safe and comfortable. To us, this isn’t just about adding a piece of hardware to your barn. It’s about ensuring the success of your enterprise over the course of time. With all of the hard work you do to keep everything running smoothly, you deserve options that will offer you peace of mind. Contact us today for more information!

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