Bale Doors

Adding bale doors to your barn is the perfect way to draw light in while also allowing your animals a chance to see out into nature and socialize with one another. These doors are made of durable metal that resists exposure to the elements and extreme weather conditions. They won’t fade or rust and are made to last for many years. Like our other door options, these bale doors can be customized to fit your needs. They are constructed out of 18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeters and crossbucks, along with 14GA galvannealed steel jambs, heavy duty hinges and a plywood core. Window options are also available, which are made of 3/16″ double-pane tempered glass with internal gridding.

If you want to add wall or stall openings to your barn without committing to the size and function of a dutch door, bale doors are a simple yet elegant option. These window-style doors open smoothly and offer quality ventilation. When closed, they provide superb protection against outdoor weather and temperature changes so the contents of your barn will not be disturbed.


At StallWorks, we offer endless customizability options. You can get your bale doors built in the exact size and color that you want, along with customizing hinge movements. We want to ensure that you get something that you will love and that will work for your barn over the long haul. The contents of your barn are valuable, and you deserve a solution that will provide the utmost protection and convenience. Contact us today for more information!

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18GA galvannealed steel, panel perimeter and crossbucks

14GA galvannealed steel jamb

Heavy duty 8″ T-Hinges, D-Handle and Barrel Bolt

5/8″ quality plywood core

3/16″ double pane tempered glass with internal grid