Aisle Entry Doors

Our aisle entry doors will not only be functional for years to come, they will also make a statement out of the front of your barn. These aren’t your average sliding doors. These doors have a plywood core and are made with 16GA galvannealed steel, a 5″ steel perimeter and crossbucks. They open and close smoothly along heavy-duty delrin trolleys, and can be customized to fit any rough opening you have. All Aisle Entry Doors come standard with 3/16″ double pane tempered glass windows with internal grids. These doors won’t twist or rot over time, so you won’t have to keep repairing or replacing them. They are built for decades of hard use and for assisting you in raising generations of livestock and horses. They are also big enough to allow plenty of room for moving animals or materials in and out. When you put up these aisle entry doors, you’re looking at the long haul and the bigger picture of your barn.

No matter what kind of barn you have, we have a set of aisle entry doors for you. They provide reliable security for your barn while also looking stylish. No longer will you have to rely on a set of doors that are quick to rust or splinter. With just a firm, easy push to one side, you’ll be able to enter. Our aisle entry doors offer a convenient and hassle free doorway that you won’t have to think twice about.

A Promise For Quality

It’s our goal at StallWorks to provide you with a product that will last. If you have a barn, you have important resources to watch over, nurture and protect, and we want to help you meet those goals. Providing you with a set of easy-to-use yet sturdy, sophisticated and secure doors for your barn is just the beginning of ensuring the continuing success of your farm.


16GA galvannealed steel, 5″ steel perimeter and crossbucks

Heavy duty delrin trolleys

3/4″ plywood core

29GA skin

Sliders comes with: door stops, stay rollers, inside/outside door pulls, 7″ jamb latch. Split sliders also come with cane bolt and splice collar

3/16″ double pane tempered glass with internal grids

*Track package sold separately*